When people compare the greatness that is The Simpsons to other animated shows like Family Guy it makes me want to set myself on fire

I went on a date last year and jokingly said “Don’t ask me I’m just a girl” and giggled at a 35 year old man thinking he’d get the reference and instead he said “that’s what I like to hear.”



The History Boys + Tumblr Text Posts

I wanted to jump on the bandwagon before this meme died

oh my god

have you seen Labyrinth (not David Bowie) with Katie McGrath? it’s a Morgana redux, but very good. Dracula was…weird, and while lesbian blonde Katie was novel I’m not sure I rec the show tbh

I watched two episodes of Dracula and that was two episodes too much, imo. Especially since I heard about the Tragical Lesbian storyline. (Penny Dreadful does everything Dracula tries to but better, btw)

But I’ve only seen the David Bowie Labyrinth, tell me more!

also: editing the stories of writers you admire is fucking terrifying.

Eva Green or Katie McGrath?


Well, I - but - gdi… Maybe… Fuck it.

Actually, Katie McGrath. Eva Green is the better actress, I think, and I haven’t seen Katie McGrath in much besides Merlin, but… Idk. Eva Green always seems a bit distant. Perfect, but untouchable. While Katie McGrath feels realer, in a way. Also I’m a sucker for villains, and Katie McGrath’s broken-eyed furious occasionally-heartbreakingly-vulnerable Morgana in the last season of Merlin Did Things to me.

(unless we’re talking eva green as Artemisia because guh, still not over that)


I think there’s a legitimate condition called “editor’s funk” where every sentence starts looking wrong and you have the nagging urge to correct it. 

I’m having a very specific form of editor’s funk where every comma looks wrong.

Sybil leafed through a small pile of pastel envelopes that had been inserted into her breakfast tray. ‘Well, the news has got around,’ she said. ‘The Duchess of Keepsake has invited us to a ball, Sir Henry and Lady Withering have invited us to a ball, and Lord and Lady Hangfinger have invited us to, yes, a ball!’
‘Well,’ said Vimes, ‘that’s a lot of—’
‘Don’t you dare, Sam!’ his wife warned and Vimes finished lamely, ‘… invitations?’

Good news! Koni read the Monstrous Regiment fic on google drive, meaning it could end up being posted even tonight, or possibly tomorrow.

Pride | Clip #3


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it me!