So, this had to happen



"Hi boss. Guess where I am." 


Here is Mark’s interview in DWM!

But let me post here my favourite bit (of course, Sherlock related..):

In the meantime, Mark is eying up another role. “I’d kill to get the Sherlock gig,” he says […] “I spoke to Mark about this not so long ago, over direct messages. I said, ‘I want to play Sebastian Moran’. he goes ‘Well, we have no immediate plans for the colonel…”’ […] Mark persists: “They’ve done the Hound, and Reichenbach, so what comes next? It’s got to be the Return of Sherlock Holmes, and Sebastian Moran. When I mentioned it to Steven, he was like, ‘Get in f***ing line’. But Mark was like, ‘Well, you were truly fantastic in Doctor Who, so… be patient’. Sherlock would be the coup d’etat of all coup d’etats.”